We service across Canada in all major cities and its surrounding. However, our home base is in Vaughan, Ontario covering the Greater Toronto.

Yes, In Canada it’s mandatory to have general liability insurance and worker compensation for Contractors.

Our goal is to be on-site for a consult within 48 hours and pending geographic location. Accurate estimates are time consuming and requires one to pay attention to details thus, smaller projects take about a weeks time and larger projects about 2 weeks approximately.

Design-Build is a project delivery method where Horst works under a single contract with the project owner to provide design and construction services. Wolfpack Construction is responsible to be the Owner’s single go-to contact, coordinating all the details on the owner’s behalf and decreasing the administrative burden for the client. Wolfpack Construction steps up to be the project’s leader, bringing together a team of experts from each necessary discipline. The method is marked by a streamlined collaborative process, open book communication, early and efficient planning, and a significantly decreased risk for the project Owner.

A payment schedule, custom made to fit your project, will be given prior to the start of your project. It will include a down payment, progress payments, & a final payment after PDI ( Pre-delivery Inspections ). Our payment methods are standardized & fixed, however we can be flexible based on project scope and size.

It’s always recommended to make all the change before start of construction, but we understand last minutes changes takes place. At the point during the construction project where a change is made from the original contract, a change order will be written and signed by the customer authorizing Wolfpack Build to do the additional or changed work that was not included in the original contract. A change order also may be written when the Wolfpack Build comes across any unforeseen challenges.